Our Club, Our Rules

  • There is no “I can’t” in martial arts.
  • Always try and always give your best effort!

Always follow the tenants of Budo South Martial Arts:

  • Spirit
    • Loyalty (to a group, nation etc),
    • Filial piety (respect for teachers, parents etc),
    • Propriety (keeping to the social rules),
    • Justice (doing what is right)
  • Mind
    • Courage (never receding),
    • Judgment (knowing oneself),
    • Respect (for yourself and others),
    • Temperance (suppressing greed)
  • Body
    • Power (correct posture),
    • Speed (agile movements),
    • Balance (stable stances),
    • Sweat (continuous effort)

Coming to Class

  • Always bow to the Dojang (in the direction of the national flags of New Zealand and Korea) when entering and leaving
  • Always bow to the Instructors when coming onto the dojang floor (especially if you or your instructors are wearing a dobok and belt)
  • Always bow to the Black Belts when addressing them (only if you and they are wearing dobok and belts)
  • No fooling around before or after class, especially not outside of the Dojang. Do not embarrass yourself, your club or your Instructor with your behaviour.
  • When entering class late, come to the side of the mat, bow to instructor and wait for an appropriate time to ask the Instructor for permission to join the class

During Class- on the mats

  • No kicking or punching bags, pads or each other or using other equipment without the permission of the Instructor
  • Always show Respect to your Parents, your Instructor and your Senior-Belts
  • No wearing jewellery on the mats when engaged in contact training
  • Do not speak when the Instructor is either speaking or giving instructions
  • Never laugh or make fun of another student – failure is the first step towards success
  • Your uniform (Dobok) should be worn respectfully, belt tied. Everything worn on the mat must always be clean and tidy. It is your responsibility to make sure your Dobok (uniform) is clean and tidy
  • No eating or drinking on the mat


  • No person can grade if they have any fees outstanding
  • Attendance at a grading is something you earn, it is not a right, or a result of attending class over time. It is a privilege that you achieve


  • Quietly show respect before entering on to the Dojang mats
  • Always have a clean and tidy uniform
  • Be respectful of others and maintain a proper attitude in the Dojang
  • Do not make excessive noise or disturb the atmosphere of the Dojang
  • Do not practice or even enter the Dojang under the influence of alcohol or other substances
  • Regard your belt as your “journey through the martial arts” and be respectful when handling it
  • Keep the Dojang clean at all times
  • Do not criticise or look down on other martial arts, or other martial artists, or other students
  • A student trying to master a technique should maintain an open mind and should not be jealous or easily agitated by his/her surroundings or class mates

Training attire

The training uniform will be either Full Dobok, or Dobok pants, belt, and Blue TShirt.
The Blue TShirt must be either:

  • (a) Budo-South tournament or
  • (b) Training TShirt, or
  • (c) Plain Blue TShirt.

To help with this process, if you bring a plain BLUE TShirt to a club training, the Club will badge the TShirt as pictured (please organise this BEFORE bringing the attire). The clothing must be clean (washed but not worn) or brand new. The TShirt can be any brand or style. But it must be a BLUE as in the picture. Not light blue, not navy blue, not faded blue, not tie-dyed blue, not partial blue. This Blue (#0000FF) or very close to it.
If you want the Budo South logo on your Dobok, we can do that at the same time.