Our Dojang

Dojang literally means ‘way place’; a place to come and learn the Martial Art Way (Budo).

The Dojang is a place of special importance to the Budo-ka (student of the Way). It is here where the individual learns the art in which he/she studies.

The word ‘Dojang‘ is a permutation from a Buddhist term used to describe the meditation hall in a Buddhist temple. The term has been borrowed from the Buddhists by various martial arts (Japanese arts – Dojo), using it to describe the place in which they study their particulars martial arts. Much of the reverence for these places of learning has also been transferred across.

The Dojang is not a gym but something more sacred, but neither is it religious or sacrosanct.
It is a place of community, of like minds, of togetherness, of action, of perseverance, of pilgrimage, of achievement.